Electricity suppliers and providers

Listings of the cheapest gas and electricity suppliers in the UK to help change and switch domestic electric provider.

Free Energy Monitor From British Gas on Energy Smart

If you want to check just how much electricity you are using in your home which in itself will save you money then why not pick up one of these free energy monitors when you switch to a British Gas tariff.  Read More

How to Change Electricity Supplier and Save Money

If you are thinking of changing electricity suppliers to find a different tariff to reduce costs then here’s our easy to use guide to do just that for your home utility bills. Read More

Atlantic Electric and Gas Electricity Tariffs Review

Information and reviews on the prices and tariffs offered by Atlantic Energy company for UK households and businesses. Read More

Scottish Hydro Electric Tariffs Review

The group Scottish Hydro Electric are part of the Scottish and Southern Group and supply all manner of utilities for homes in Scotland. Here’s our review. Read More

List of Electricity Supply Companies in the UK

Although you can get an electricity contract with almost all of the UK energy companies many people are still with their incumbent supplier before deregulation. Here’s a comprehensive listing of all the electricity suppliers in the UK. Read More

First Utility Electricity Prices Review

The First Utility company are a fairly new entrant into the UK energy market and are certainly making waves so here’s our review of what all the fuss is about. Read More

Review of Asda Energy Prices for Electricty and Gas

The giant UK¬†supermarket Asda offer their customers energy products through their switch and save scheme. Here’s our review of their product and pricing. Read More

Ecotricity Green Electricity and Gas Tariffs Reviewed

There’s a new kid on the block in the green energy game who go by the name of ecotricity in the UK and they price match the big 6, can it be true? We find out. Read More

Sainsburys Energy Prices for Electricity and Gas Review

Sainsbury’s offer full energy products for electricity, gas or both as a dual fuel tariff and as they can’t offer this themselves they have teamed up with EDF energy to provide the same services and tariffs but with a few extras. Read More

SWALEC Electricity and Gas Tariffs Review

The energy company known as SWALEC is part of the massive Scottish and Southern energy group that is now the 2nd largest supplier of energy to UK homes and businesses in the UK. They target people in Wales which is where their roots belong but can supply electricity and gas to anyone in the UK. Read More

EDF Energy Electricity Prices Contract Tariff Review

EDF Energy supply UK homes with electricity and gas and have many tariffs to choose from. Here’s our review of their rates and types of contracts you can expect. Read More

Utility Warehouse Electricity Prices Review

The utility warehouse is a club based organisation that supplies all types of utilities to UK households including gas and electricity and other too. It works differently from other suppliers and here’s our review. Read More

Eon Electricity Supplier Review of Rates and Prices

Eon or E.on was formally known as Powergen and generate and supply electricity in the UK. Here’s our review of their current prices and tariffs. Read More

Npower Electricity Prices Rates and Tariff Review

Npower is one of the existing UK energy suppliers that now offers all power products to anyone in England for electricity and gas. Here’s our review of their pricing and products. Read More

Southern Electric Electricity Prices Tariffs and Rates Review

Southern Electric provide electricity and gas supplies for any UK household. Here’s a review of their products and prices. Read More

British Gas Electricity Tariffs and Prices Review

British Gas was the incumbent gas supplier for the whole of the UK but even now after deregulation they provide competitive quotes for gas and electricity for home and business use. Here’s our review. Read More

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