EDF Energy Electricity Prices Contract Tariff Review

EDF Energy supply UK homes with electricity and gas and have many tariffs to choose from. Here’s our review of their rates and types of contracts you can expect.

EDF Energy is a French owned company that started purchasing UK power companies during the 1990s that included London Electricity, SEEBoard, British Energy and SWEB. They currently serve over 8 million domestic and business premises in the UK and offer many tariffs that could suit your budget.

Sainsbury’s used EDF as their supplier for all their in-store energy promotions and although their cheapest tariff is not always in the top 10 from the major suppliers they are worth getting a quote for in your area because prices are different around the country. Here are the following tariffs and rates that are currently on offer for domestic customers from the cheapest to the most expensive.

Online Saver Version 3 4 and 5

This is a variable tariff with a 2% discount from their standard rates and is guaranteed to be lower than their standard tariff for at least a year. The highlights are:

  • 2% cheaper than standard tariff
  • Generally limited time offers
  • Online registration only (ie: you can only get this by applying via their website)
  • You must pay by monthly direct debit
  • Cancellation fees apply if you change suppliers within a year (£25 for gas or electric only and £50 for dual fuel)
  • Some additional discounts on other products are available


The Eco20:20 tariff is a 12 month contract that provides a 20% discount for using electricity at night (defined as 9pm – 7am GMT) which EDF estimate could save around £37 per year at an average consumption. Here are the highlights:

  • 20% discount off night time usage
  • Standard tariff applies
  • Leaving penalties if you switch out within the first 12 months
  • Additional help to reduce your energy bills by 20%

Annual Fix Version 3 4 and 5

This is EDF energy’s fixed price tariff that allows you to fix your electricity prices at today’s rates for at least 9 months at the current standard tariff. The highlights are:

  • Fixed energy prices for at least 9 months
  • Cancellation fees applies if you want to leave
  • Online registration online and you must pay by direct debit
  • Additional help and advice to reduce your carbon footprint by 20%

Energy Discount Plan

This is a contract that allows you to receive a discount of 2.5% from their standard tariff for at least 9 months. The highlights of this tariff are:

  • 2.5% discount from standard tariff
  • Penalties apply if you want to leave within the contract time
  • Limited offer
  • Variable pricing

Green Tariff and Climate Balance

This supports the development of renewable energy initiatives and helps offset your CO2 carbon footprint. These tariffs carry a premium and these are sent to the Carbon Neutral Company to support companies that offset emissions. The premium is actual just a few % higher than standard tariff (although some other energy companies offer a green tariff and the same price as standard).

How to save more with EDF Energy

Like most of the electricity and dual fuel suppliers the easiest way to save money is to pay via direct debit and with EDF you receive an additional 6% discountif you pay by monthly direct debit. Sometimes it’s also cheaper to buy a dual fuel tariff but this is not always the case. So when you are looking at switching your supplier it’s best to get quotes separately for electricity and gas and then get a quote for both and see what the overall costs and savings are.

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