Free Eon Energy Fit Monitor for all Customers

Hot on the heals of other energy providers Eon announced today a complete energy efficiency package for customers that include a free energy monitor. The aptly named “eonenergyfit” monitor and energy efficiency kit comprises every thing you know to be able to monitor and adjust your electricity consumption as appropriate.

What is in the energy fit package ?

The most essential item is the energy monitor which tells you how much electricity you are using at anyone time and is able to provide additional data over a longer period. You also get software so you can monitor this data over longer time periods and see how your home efficiency programmes are having an effect on your bills. Of course you also get an installation and user guide. You can get more details from website

For all customers, almost

If you are already and existing Eon energy customer and pay by direct debit then you can get your free energy fix monitor and software simply by logging into your account. On the top left of your account menu there’s a link to “energy fix” – simply click on that link and accept the terms and conditions (if you agree to them) and press register. That’s it. And within 28 days the whole package will be delivered to your home so you can start using it.

The monitor itself is worth around £45 but you get this and everything else absolutely free. If you do not pay by monthly direct debit then unfortunately you don’t qualify for this offer. New customers can also get this package once they sign up to a tariff that’s on direct debit. You’ll also need to manage your account online.

What does the monitor show you ?

Once you have set up the transmitter part from your meter your monitor will start collecting data automatically. The easy to read LCD display shows 6 main items of data and these include :

  • the amount of energy you are using right now in kWh
  • the cost to you per day or per month in £
  • an “up” or “down” amount shows you how much energy you use by switching on a new appliance – you can test this out yourself just by switching on a light or electric kettle for example
  • a graph showing how much energy you have used from 7am yesterday to 7am today in 3 blocks – night, day and evening
  • the amount of energy you have used in the last 7 days and the last 30 days in kWh
  • the time and temperature

Research has shown that simply by knowing your own electricity usage you can reduce it by around 10% because you will be wary of how much each appliance uses and perhaps change them for more energy efficient items as time progresses. This is not a smart meter so won’t transmit meter readings etc back to Eon but rather just monitor what is happening from your usage.

The monitor itself is very easy to install and runs on mains power so you don’t need batteries. The software is currently only suitable for windows type computers so is not Mac compatible.

This is a great free offer from Eon energy so why not check out their tariffs for more information on how much you could save on your gas and electricity and become part of the new energy fit programme yourself ?

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