Sainsburys Energy Prices for Electricity and Gas Review

Sainsbury’s offer full energy products for electricity, gas or both as a dual fuel tariff and as they can’t offer this themselves they have teamed up with EDF energy to provide the same services and tariffs but with a few extras.

Summary of Sainsburys Energy Offers

At sainsburys energy you get the same choice of products at the same price as if you went directly to the EDF energy site and the sainsburys website for electricity and gas is just an affiliate branded site in any case.

However if you do sign up as a sainsbury’s customer you do get to earn nectar points (although you get the same with EDF) but if you have shopped there recently you may have also received a few vouchers that give you double nectar points on your shopping for the next 2 years – so if you are collecting those and want to go with the EDF tariff (because you have found it to be the cheapest for your area then this is a better deal because of the points). 

The Sainsburys Energy Products

You get to choose from the same EDF product list which is as follows:

  • Online Saver Version x (currently 5 but will go to 6, 7, 8, 9 and so on) provides a minimum 2% discount from the standard tariff for at least 12 months. You can only apply online and have to pay by monthly direct debit. There is an early exit and switching fee of £25 per fuel taken. These prices are variable but the discount is for the term of the contract.
  • Annual fix version 1 (soon to be 2 then 3) allows you to fix your electricity and gas bills for around 12 months – be careful though when wholesale prices are falling as these are priced higher than most standard and special offer tariffs
  • Energy discount plan – says that the prices are 2.5% less than the standard tariff but the overall cost is higher than the online saver so at first glance this headline looks incorrect. These are variable rates with discounts if you take a dual fuel tariff and has an early exit/ switching fee of £50
  • Standard tariff – always the most expensive but you don’t need to pay by monthly direct debit and there are no exit fees.

Unlike with EDF there is currently no green option to get a tariff that either matches your energy consumption with renewable sources or a 100% renewable energy tariff – so if you want to be green then you need to look elsewhere. Of course this may change in the future.

Additional Discounts on Sainsburys Energy

Apart from the nectar points promotions outlined above you can also get a 6% discount if you pay by monthly direct debit (some tariffs you must pay in this way but some are optional). Additionally there’s a read, reduce and reward scheme which means you earn bonus nectar points if you submit your meter readings online and/ or reduce the amount of energy you use.

The maximum points you can collect under this scheme is 6,500 per year if you are on a dual fuel tariff which is just enough to buy a BT cordless telephone set valued at around £40 – so it’s not worth it just for these rewards you should ensure the tariff you choose is actually the best you can get whether it be under EDF or a Sainsburys energy tariff.

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