Npower Electricity Prices Rates and Tariff Review

Npower is one of the existing UK energy suppliers that now offers all power products to anyone in England for electricity and gas. Here’s our review of their pricing and products.

Npower are part of the RWE (Rheinisch-Westfalische Elektrizitatswerke) the UK arm of this German power company and one of the largest UK energy companies.

You can choose to take electricity, gas or both products from Npower although their website does not appear to allow you just to choose one product and they target you to choose dual fuel options. We also could not find their standard tariffs so we could compare to the other UK energy suppliers although they do have a comparison search engine on their website.

Our advice is to get quotes and compare them yourselves.

Other points to note are that Npower were one of the last companies to reduce electricity prices in early 2009 (which were for new customers only) and the gas prices were not reduced at all. Additionally they have been receiving press reports about over charging customers.

Npower Tariff reviews.

Like all energy companies npower offers a multitude of different tariffs you can choose from. Here are the main one for a contract customer:

  • Standard tariff – as it says and the prices will move up or down if the company changes their rates although there are no termination charges if you decide to move to another supplier. Rates vary by area.
  • Go Fix and Go Fix XL – These have a standing charge and have fixed prices for a longer period. Rates vary by area. You must pay by direct debit and manage your account online.
  • Npower One – is suited for people with gas boilers as it includes two free boiler breakdown repairs and now comes with a free energy monitor.
  • Npower Juice – is their green electricity tariff which sources energy from renewable source with no premium to pay. Plus they have set up a “juice fund” which assists with renewable energy products for the future.
  • Npower National Trust – is the same as the juice tariff in that it’s from renewable sources with no premium over the standard tariff except this time they contribute monies to the National Trust Green Energy Fund

Additional Information and Discounts

You can reduce your bill even more if you take up some of the discounts and offers that are available as follows:

  • Pay by monthly direct debit and you receive an annual £100 discount for dual fuel and £20 if you take just electricity or just gas
  • Pay by quarterly direct debit and you receive an annual £40 discount if you take dual fuel or just £10 for either just gas or just electricity

Our view

Npower looks great if you are looking for prices and tariffs that come from renewable sources as there is no premium over their standard tariff which most other energy companies add. There are also no penalties for moving so no contracts as such even for their fixed rates. The only drawback is finding out the actual costs to compare to other providers but this is fairly straight forward by using a price comparison site. (It’s not possible to have a standard comparison here because Npower’s prices vary according to where your house is in the country).

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