MPAS Online Meter Point Administration Service

Mpas online is a system for obtaining a meter point administration number and is often used to find out who supplies your electricity and gas.

The Mpas online database is for registered users and is updated continually during the day and is not available for indiviual customers if you need to find your meter point administration number (MPAN).

What is a MPAN ?

Your Mpan or meter point registration number is usually printed on your invoice your receive from the energy company that provides your electricity and gas. The Mpan is for electricity only and the gas is known as a meter point.

The number is made up of two parts with the core data on the bottom line (which is its unique identifier) and the supplementary data on the top line (which show the characteristics of the supply and comes from the supplier).

The profile class is as follows :

  • 00  Half-hourly supply
  • 01  Domestic Unrestricted
  • 02  Domestic Economy 7
  • 03  Non-Domestic Unrestricted
  • 04  Non-Domestic Economy 7
  • 05  Non-domestic, with MD recording capability and with LF less than or equal to 20%
  • 06  Non-domestic, with MD recording capability and with LF less than or equal to 30% and greater than 20%
  • 07  Non-domestic, with MD recording capability and with LF less than or equal to 40% and greater than 30%
  • 08  Non-domestic, with MD recording capability and with LF greater than 40% (also all NHH export MSIDs)

The distributor id is as follows

As the UK is still divided up into 14 supply areas then the distributor id is also associated with the traditional areas. The list below shows the distributor id first, then the area of the UK who supplies the electricity, the supplier name and the market participant ID at the end :

  • 10  Eastern England  EDF Energy Networks EELC
  • 11  East Midlands  Central Networks EMEB
  • 12  London  EDF Energy Networks LOND
  • 13  Merseyside and Northern Wales  ScottishPower MANW
  • 14  West Midlands  Central Networks MIDE
  • 15  North Eastern England  CE Electric UK NEEB
  • 16  North Western England  Electricity North West NORW
  • 17  Northern Scotland  SSE Power Distribution HYDE
  • 18  Southern Scotland  ScottishPower SPOW
  • 19  South Eastern England  EDF Energy Networks SEEB
  • 20  Southern England  SSE Power Distribution SOUT
  • 21  Southern Wales  Western Power Distribution SWAE
  • 22  South Western England  Western Power Distribution SWEB
  • 23  Yorkshire  CE Electric UK YELG

Contacting someone to find your MPAS number

If you can’t find your mpas code on your electricity bill or via the online system then finding out who supplies you and your number is just a telephone call away. No matter who your supplier is you’ll need to phone the company in your area of the UK to obtain your MPAS number as follows :

  • Eastern England  EDF Energy Networks  0845 601 5467
  • East Midlands  Central Networks  0845 603 0618
  • London  EDF Energy Networks  0845 600 0102
  • Merseyside and Northern Wales  ScottishPower  0845 270 9107
  • West Midlands  Central Networks  0845 603 0618
  • North Eastern England  CE Electric UK  0845 330 0889
  • North Western England  Electricity North West  0870 751 0093
  • Northern Scotland  SSE Power Distribution  0845 744 4555
  • Southern Scotland  ScottishPower  0845 270 9107
  • South Eastern England  EDF Energy Networks  0845 601 5467
  • Southern England  SSE Power Distribution  0845 744 4555
  • Southern Wales  Western Power Distribution  0845 601 5972
  • South Western England  Western Power Distribution  0845 601 5972
  • Yorkshire  CE Electric UK  0845 330 0889

So if you need mpas online then you’ll likely be an electricity provider and if you want to know your mpan and you can’t find it on your electric bill then call one of the numbers in your region above and they can help you find it.

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