Options for Electric Central Heating Boiler Systems

Without doubt the cheapest way to heat your home and provide hot water is via economy 7 but this has its drawbacks but there are other options available for central heating systems which we present below.

Believe it or not there are available electric central heating boiler systems that will provide hot water and power electric radiators by just using electricity. These would replace a traditional gas boiler and if required take advantage of an economy 7 tariff which is one of the cheapest tariffs from any electric supplier. Let’s first look at the options you have if you don’t have a gas supply and just want to use electricity as an energy source.

Traditional Storage Heating

Many homes have been build with electric storage heaters which take advantage of the low rate for Economy 7 and heat the storage units during the night time which are therefore hot when you wake up in the morning. They will slowly cool during the day as the heated bricks uses all the available heat and they effectively need to be re-charged later in the day for evening heat. For standard storage radiators you can not turn down how much heat is generated once the bricks are charged and many people need to add in additional heating sources in the evening especially during cold winter months.

Wet Electric Heating Systems

The wet electric heating systems heat up hot water which is then pumped through to traditional radiators much like if you had a gas central heating system. The radiators generally have thermostats on them so you can regulate the temperature and you can keep the water hot by using on peak electricity during the day or evenings as the water cools from the night time economy 7. Usually these types of systems are used in small homes or flats.

Electric Central Heating Boilers

The boilers that generate the hot water to heat the radiators are more common place these days and one of the most popular is the Trianco aztec classic electric boiler that has 5 power settings to heat water up to 70 degrees. It’s wall mounted and doesn’t produce any noxious gases and can be used with solar powered electric sources. It’s a slim design so can fit neatly into any cupboard. It is virtually maintenance free and doesn’t require a flue so is ideal for small homes and flats and can be purchased for between £300 and £500 depending on the size required so is a lot less expensive than traditional gas boilers. It can also power underfloor heating.

Other Electric Central Heating Options

Whilst economy 7 provides you with 7 hours of cheap electricity during the night there is an economy 10 tariff that provides cheap electricity for 10 hours during a 24 hour period in 3 phases so this may be a tariff to investigate to have cheaper prices for your electric central heating system so you can boost the temperature of the water several times per day. Not all energy providers have this type of tariff and you will need a new meter fitted but it’s worth exploring any methods to save money if you are completely reliant on electricity to heat your home.

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