British Gas Dual Fuel Tariffs and Offers

Information about the prices and rates for the dual fuel tariff offered by British Gas for electricity and gas.

The British Gas dual fuel tariff options offers the customer the opportunity of receiving both electricity and gas from the same supplier and with this you’ll receive additional discounts for having the combined rates and there are other ways to save on energy bills if for example you also choose to pay by direct debit.

All tariffs except for the websaver options are available with energy smart where you supply British Gas with your meter readings so you’ll never receive a massive over estimated bill any more.

Tariffs available for dual fuel

Here are the current tariffs available for dual fuel from British Gas – they may add additional options in the future so it’s always best to check out their website to see what is available.

  • Websaver– in all forms currently websaver 5 is their lowest tariff for electricity and gas which is a variable rate tariff based on their standard prices and guarantees to have a 6% discount for at least 12 months. There is a £30 cancellation fee if you decide to change from websaver to another company or tariff at a later date. Energysmart is not available on these rates.
  • Online saver– is again based on standard tariff rates with a 3% discount and is available with energysmart. You also receive a free energy monitor which will be useful to manage your own consumption in real time. There are no cancellation fees.
  • Track and save– is the fixed price tariff for dual fuel which provides a 2% discount from the standard tariff for at least a year although there is a £30 cancellation fee if you decide to change from this to another tariff. As with the online saver rates you also receive a free energy monitor and can take advantage of energysmart.
  • Standard tariff – is probably the most expensive method although the pricing is flexible depending on how the market wholesale prices change and there are no cancellation fees
  • Zero carbon – is British Gas’s green option where all gas consumption is offset with renewable energy so is good for the environment although costs a little more.

Average prices for dual fuel tariffs

Ofcom the industry regulator has an average user type pricing methodology that most energy companies use so you can quickly compare (although your own consumption will be different). The average in this comparison is for usage of 20,500 kWh for gas and 3,300 kWh for single rate electricity which are averaged across all regions – pricing does also vary across some parts of the UK. So here are the prices for the British Gas dual fuel tariffs for the average consumer:

  • Websaver – £928
  • Online saver – £1,091
  • Track and save – £1,085
  • Standard tariff – £1,127
  • Zero Carbon – £1,217

Other offers and discounts

By having a dual fuel tariff a £15 discount is also included in the pricing. For the websaver you must pay by monthly direct debit and this discount is also included in the pricing, however, for the other tariffs you can save a further £67 by paying by monthly direct debt for your British Gas dual fuel tariffs. Check out their website for an instant online quote.

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