Atlantic Electric and Gas Electricity Tariffs Review

Information and reviews on the prices and tariffs offered by Atlantic Energy company for UK households and businesses.

Atlantic was an independent company and became part of the Scottish and Southern group in 2004 and hence many of the Atlantic electric and gas tariffs on offer fall in line with other SSE companies. Atlantic also offer other utility services such as telecoms.

Atlantic Tariffs for Electricity and Gas

There are not many tariff plans offered by Atlantic and they tend to be standard rates. The discount for paying by monthly direct debit is you get one month free for each year you pay by this method.

The tariff names are the same as for gas and electricity and you get to choose a variable priced tariff with or without a daily standing charge (ie: you’ll pay a small unit charge no matter how much energy you use) and without the daily charge. There is of course the option of economy 7 if you have that type of electric meter installed at your premises or home. Currently Atlantic electric and gas do not offer business energy to small businesses. The tariffs are as follows :

  • Atlantic online FP – with no standing charge
  • Domestic standard online – with a standing charge
  • Domestic standard online – with no standing charge
  • Economy 7 tariff

The Atlantic online FP tariff is a fixed priced tariff where prices are fixed for at least 12 months. There is a £75 or £35 cancellation fee depending on how long you have been on the plan. The fixed prices are actually almost 18% lower than the standard rates.

You’ll get to manage your account online so you can read your bills online, make a payment and key in your own meter readings.

That’s about it. You can apply for one of the tariffs online and the switching process is handled by Atlantic on your behalf. You also get additional discounts off their telecom products for being an energy customer and there are prompt payment discounts for settling your bills on time.

The discount for paying by monthly direct debit works out to be 8.33% which is slightly higher than the industry average. The reduction is taken on your 13th month and calculated based on the average of your previous 12 monthly direct debit payments. This will mean you need to be a customer for a year before receiving the benefit (where as most other energy companies simply deduct the discount off your monthly bill as and when you receive it). That’s why the relative percentage is slightly higher than most others.

Atlantic electric and gas have a JD power rating of 5 out of 5 (these are independent ratings based on customer feedback) and is the same rating for all Scottish and Southern companies.

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